About us

ENVIROKELP™ coastal errosion designed to lower the errosion rate to protect coastlines and vulnerable estuaries. Coastal erosion occurs when the waves that lap at the coast slowly wear away at the shoreline. As these waves wash over the shore, they carry sand and sediment with them and redistribute it to the ocean floor or to other areas. Erosion can be worsened by factors such as high winds, wave currents, and tidal currents. Because all of these conditions are common in the Gulf Coast, beach erosion is a common occurrence in the states. That is why finding ways to stop coastal erosion is even more important to residents of the Gulf Coast than other areas.


Artificial kelp made with sustainable materials that are renewable and easy to source and 100% BIODEGRADABLE!

Strategic planting of ENVIROKELP™ coastal errosion system can be used to help control erosion. the artificial kelp is embedded in the silt bed to anchor it to ensure that it is not carried off in the erosion process.